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This games feels just great! I love the way when you bump into things, the hole screen rumble's and stuff. Also, amazing graphics, smooth controls, loved to play it!

It could have a bit more different mission styles, but that's the only downside to me :)

Good game! I like the story, short and simple but effective :)
I think this game needs to be more "finished" in certain ways. Making the controls a little bit easier to handle, more levels, maybe a few more extra mechanics to make the game more interesting. It still is a very good start and a promising concept.

I also like the soundscape music a lot. Really creeps me out, really cool ^^

In my opinion this is a unfinished game. These are the following reasons why I think that:

- No sound (this could be my computer to, sorry if it is)
- Cheap looking graphics
- No challenge
- No diversity

This would be a good beginning of a game in development stage, but it need a lot more to make it a real/good game.

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Very nice! Your composition is versatile with sounds/chord progression and your music is really telling a journey/story. The build-up is very nice and I liked to hear the updated version with "a proper bridge/outro etc." ;)

The only feedback I can give you is about the orchestra sounds (big drums, strings). To me they sound kinda "midi-ish" and kinda static. If they would be a bit more dynamic it would help a lot with the buildup of the song. Also the mix between the big pads, synths, dreamy stuff (the intro) and the orchestra midi seems very different. The strings to me are in another space of some sort. Are you working with aux/send reverb effects? This can help to make your mix blend :)

Keep up the great work! Oh and I also love that you work with Reason, awesome software :)

Fart at the end = 5 stars

Hi there! :) I review/criticize tracks on the audio portal in three categories:
- Composition (Melody, chord progression, intervals, etc.)
- Mixing (Technical part, volume, frequency balance, etc.)
- Feeling (Basically what I feel while listening)
Remember, this is all my personal opinion ;) I listen with a Sennheiser 650 HD headphone.
I apologize in advanced for my English :D

Dubstep - RagnarOk
You played around with the song progression and breaks in a very creative way. I has a nice intro that leads into a well ending. I see a potential here. Also: I like the way you use very different sounding synths / sounds. It makes it diverse to listen to.

Although I see a lot of potential, this track is a long way from „perfect’ and in my opinion that’s because of the mixing. There is one main thing you may consider working on: The power of the beat.
Your mid / high synths (all the wobbling and glitching) are very big and open and are the „lead” of the song. But still I have the feeling they don’t have a very solid ground to stand on. They don’t jump out as they supposed to. The solid ground in this case is your beat and bass. The kick lacks the punchy feeling and your snare doesn’t have much mid freq whereby it doesn’t pierce through. Maybe look op some mixing tutorials on punchy dubstep kicks / snares. Your track could have a lot more power and that would be really cool!

It has a very glitchy vibe which I really like. It brings me to a very space like mechanical world with transformers and aliens. Something like that :)

Main thing: Work on your mixing! You will get better over time, I guarantee it ;) Keep on making more! :D

trunotfals responds:

Wow thanks for this awesome review I LOVE IT. I picked up some mixing techniques that have made my tracks a lot better from what they used to be but I know I have a lot to learn! I'm always looking to improve my mixes and I guess now im going to work on this one even more after this review! I'm very new to mixing haha. Thank you So much. Check out this songs original mix to see the improvement if you'd like!

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